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Bonusode #36: Crowdfunding Web Series with Joanna Gaskell

In May of this year the Zombie Orpheus team came to our part of the world to film a pair of companion pieces for the third season of their successful series Gamers, and they brought their friends and partners. Partners like Standard Action‘s Joanna Gaskell.

It was interesting timing for Joanna since she ended up being on set for the last couple of days of the Kickstarter campaign for season 3 of Standard Action. Maybe that helped her keep cool and relax and let nature take it’s course. Nature was already on her side anyhow since they had achieved their initial goal and were well into their stretch goals by then. And rejoice! The fans have demanded a musical episode.

We talk to her about the nature of crowdfunding, who should or shouldn’t be asking fans for money, and how to run a successful campaign. Spoiler alert, it ain’t easy!

Have you given a few dollars to a Kickstarter or Indie GoGo campaign for your favourite show? Let us know!

And if you want an outgoing voicemail message by Candice, send your $5 to her via Paypal

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Bonusode #35: Natural 1& Humans and Households Wrap Party

What happens when you bring out the microphone at hour four of a web series wrap party? We finally answered that age-old question in Bonusode #35.

Starring the voices of Scott C. Brown and Andy Dopieralski of the podcast Two Bards, One Mic, and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, as well as Trin Miller, actor and baker extraordinaire. Along with guest appearances by Robyn Cobham, actor and Cyber Girl, and Aidan Harris, child actor and the sober chaperone of all the adults.

Some editing probably should have been applied to this one, but we don’t do that, so you need to listen to a great opening, a muddled middle part, and a kind of great ending once the cookies arrived.

You are invited to a web series wrap party, the drinking, the bonding, the polite car-jacking and the delinquency of minors.