Month: December 2012

Join us live for our 50th episode

Live On Air

We are going to be live streaming our 50th episode recording tomorrow night at 11PM EST. We are inviting you into our dark and not very well lit recording studio. We might put a few more lights up so you can see us, we’ll see.

But seriously, we will be using Google+ Hangouts to share our special night with you guys. 50 is a big number! We’ve been doing this podcast for two years and think we’d like to let you in behind the curtain.

Last episode we told you all about our dirty little secret, we work on webseries while we are not critiquing others. And this episode we want you to be able to see our studio set up, provided by Soch and Synndicus, and see the funny looks we give each other, along with the dancing which happens every time we hear our theme song. Also, there will be drinking!

So join us, either by adding us to your circles on Google+ where you can watch our episode right in your stream. Or by watching the YouTube channel where it will also be streaming live. And if we get real fancy we can embed the link right here on our website so you can watch us here too (but don’t count on that one).

We want some feedback and news from you guys to share live, so tweet us, comment on our Facebook page, or Google+ page, email us at or comment right here!

See you tomorrow!

Episode the Forty Eighth: The Flashy, Splashy Episode on Blood and Chrome and Forward Unto Dawn

Another episode without Nick… it’s a sad day. That is until you realize that Adam Shaftoe is joining us once again. You may remember him from his guest spot back in June.

For this episode we decided to do the all Machinima, all derivative episode. Machinima, one of YouTube’s well funded channels, is a bit of a nerd haven primarily covering gaming. I suspect their large fan base and solid productions including Mortal Kombat: Legacy were a major part in how Syfy chose them to work with for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, and why Microsoft chose them to work with for Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

But apparently, even corporate money doesn’t save people from the free and open internet quagmire.

First up we chat Forward Unto Dawn, with a bit of a review of the new game as well. It’s all Adam for this review because I fell into the quagmire by discovering this on my screen while trying to watch the official channel.

Never one to take no for an answer, I continued my search for either the episodes, or an explanation. And what an explanation I found. Now I don’t want to give this lawful neutral internet troll any more attention, so I’m only going to link to the blog I found from another content creator who ran across this guy, but if you want to find more information on either Leak ID or Herve Lemaire a simple Google search tells you more than you want.

** since our recording the copyright claim has been resolved and the episodes are now available once again, for free, on YouTube, as they intended them to be.

Next up, we cover the newest incarnation of Battlestar Galactica by watching Adama’s story, Blood and Chrome. This show is a prequel to the main television series in which we get to see a very young Bill Adama as a fresh recruit into the colonial army fighting the first war against the Cylons.

Do you need to have watched 5 seasons of BSG to fully appreciate this show? How about Caprica? Hard to say. A lot of time was spent on action, and less on explaining. We are thrown into a war we are expected to understand. But man we are given action every time we start to question what the hell is going on, so yay!

Much thanks once again to Adam Shaftoe for his time, his banter and his opinions. You can get more of that on his website Page of Reviews where he covers all things pretty nerdy and fun.

Next episode is the return of Nick! In that episode, we will catch up with him and what he was doing while away, and announce some plans for our 50th episode, and extravaganza!

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, email us at, even Google+! Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a review. We’ve been doing this for 2 years now, you can take 5 minutes to write a few words ;-P

Episode the Forty Seventh: Dick Punch, Mythos and No Nick :-(

Welcome to our second episode ever without Nick as a co-host. But not to worry, we’ve got someone in his seat!

Introducing Matt Corradetti, fellow podcaster and listener, also sore loser of our T-Shirt contest. (Remember our t-shirt contest?)

First up, IAWTV awards nominees were announced. You can look through the complete list here, but be warned, there’s lots of clicking. Congrats to Out With Dad, Husbands, Guidestones, Video Game High School, Pretty the Series and the many other series we haven’t covered yet, on their nominations!

And on to the shows! As usual I let my co-hosts choose the shows to watch. And boys will be boys, so we are watching Dick Punch. When I let Nick know this was the show Matt chose for us to watch his reaction was unexpected to me, “I really want to watch that!”. Matt sheds some light on why guys are immediately attracted to a show called Dick Punch.

And, in a stark turn, we then move on to the slow moving, deity laden, mystery Mythos. The tone and pacing of the series is quite intriguing, however the mystery doesn’t grab us, but for very different reasons. The final episode of this show will be airing next week, so with a complete season released maybe the show will deliver more answers.

There’s much to enjoy in this series, despite some flaws. Make sure to check in on December 13th once the entire series is available.

Thanks again to Matt Corradetti for standing in while Nick is away. You can subscribe to his podcast Living Insights on iTunes and hear some great tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks as well to Soch for his constant and amazing work making both Limited Release, and Living Insights sound like some of the best produced podcasts available for free online!