Month: June 2013

Bonusode #36: Crowdfunding Web Series with Joanna Gaskell

In May of this year the Zombie Orpheus team came to our part of the world to film a pair of companion pieces for the third season of their successful series Gamers, and they brought their friends and partners. Partners like Standard Action‘s Joanna Gaskell.

It was interesting timing for Joanna since she ended up being on set for the last couple of days of the Kickstarter campaign for season 3 of Standard Action. Maybe that helped her keep cool and relax and let nature take it’s course. Nature was already on her side anyhow since they had achieved their initial goal and were well into their stretch goals by then. And rejoice! The fans have demanded a musical episode.

We talk to her about the nature of crowdfunding, who should or shouldn’t be asking fans for money, and how to run a successful campaign. Spoiler alert, it ain’t easy!

Have you given a few dollars to a Kickstarter or Indie GoGo campaign for your favourite show? Let us know!

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Episode the Sixty-First: Pairings & Comfort Food

Three shots of Wild TurkeyWe start with a bang, or more rightly a shot, a shot of bourbon. Mix drinking with cooking and a need to be the internet’s cutest couple and we really peel back the layers and let you behind the scenes in our everyday relationship. And it gets ugly.

Perhaps we should have followed along with a recipe from at least one episode of either show we covered and brought some food with us to recording. But instead, we hungrily review two shows about cooking.

First up, a Limited Release Exclusive! Thanks to Sandy Nicholson, writer and creator of Comfort Food, for giving us access to all 6 episodes of the series before release. A very cute show about a couple who recently moved apart from each other trying to keep their relationship going by making desserts together over the phone.

Because Nick and I are strictly forbidden from cooking together it really drew us both in. And once you’ve watched all the episodes, particularly episode 5, you may ask me more about which character I took issue with, but for now we remain frustratingly spoiler free.

And regarding the gender of creator Sandy, I tried very hard to play the pronoun game since it’s a somewhat gender-less name. Interestingly the only two people I know named Sandy are both men. But in Nick’s defense, it is far more likely in North America for Sandy to be a woman’s name, so he went with it.

Listen closely around the 20 minute mark and place your bets on whether we can hold it together for 8 more minutes while we review Pairings.

Pairings is food pornography at it’s best, money shots with a story so it appeals to everyone! Do not watch this show hungry, or with an empty pantry. You will definitely want to cook after one episode, especially if you are a single man.

We’re not sure why this one took so long for us to review since it’s littered with some of our favourite creators, artists and actors from the LA scene, but we love it now, and we want to see Season Two so consider donating!

Did you place your bets? Did we hold it together? I don’t think I did.

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Bonusode #35: Natural 1& Humans and Households Wrap Party

What happens when you bring out the microphone at hour four of a web series wrap party? We finally answered that age-old question in Bonusode #35.

Starring the voices of Scott C. Brown and Andy Dopieralski of the podcast Two Bards, One Mic, and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, as well as Trin Miller, actor and baker extraordinaire. Along with guest appearances by Robyn Cobham, actor and Cyber Girl, and Aidan Harris, child actor and the sober chaperone of all the adults.

Some editing probably should have been applied to this one, but we don’t do that, so you need to listen to a great opening, a muddled middle part, and a kind of great ending once the cookies arrived.

You are invited to a web series wrap party, the drinking, the bonding, the polite car-jacking and the delinquency of minors.

Ruby Skye P.I. heads to CBC

I was trying valiantly to come up with an appropriate and catchy headline like “Ruby in the Skye with Diamonds”, but will have to save that one for another day. Maybe when Madonna guest stars.

Ruby Skye P.I. has secured a deal with CBC for both broadcast and digital distribution on Kids’ CBC. We’ve said it many times before that the show has the production value and style of a show made for broadcast, and now does appear that it’s headed in that direction.

Read the press release from Ruby Skye P.I. below.


Series Eyes U.S. Expansion

June 9, 2013 – (Toronto, ON – New York, NY) Digital media producer Story 2.OH inks an exclusive multi- platform deal with CBC for the broadcast and digital premiere of multi-award-winning teen/tween detective mystery series, RUBY SKYE P.I. for winter 2014. From creator, Jill Golick and her Toronto- based production shingle Story 2.OH the new digital series eyes international expansion into the U.S, led by Seiffert Media Advisors, as the show enters production of its’ third season this fall.

Fast-paced and funny mystery series RUBY SKYE P.I. follows smart, stubborn, and quick-thinking, teenage detective Ruby Skye (Madison Cheeatow), as she finds her way into the middle of the most baffling mysteries. With reluctant help from tech-savvy sister Hailey (Marlee Maslove), Ruby often lands in hot water before finding herself en route to a magnificent solution.

“CBC is quickly emerging as a front-runner in digital innovation,” says Kim Wilson, Creative Head of Children’s and Youth Programming. “We’re proud to be contributing to innovative new multi-platform initiatives with the incorporation of web-based series Ruby Skye Kids’ CBC.”

The entire series will premiere online at Kids’ CBC in winter 2014, followed by broadcasts on CBC-TV. Between episodes, the audience can participate online through a host of activities, allowing viewers to solve the mystery along with trusted sleuth Ruby. The CBC multi-platform deal acts as a catalyst for the series overarching strategy to build RUBY SKYE P.I. into a valuable international cross-platform franchise.

“The sky is the limit for Ruby,” says Jill Golick, creator of Ruby Skye P.I. “We are thrilled tobe partnering with CBC, and with a robust audience including over 2.5 million views and thousands of fans, Ruby is ready to go international, across multiple digital platforms.”

“Ruby Skye represents premium video content at its best,” said Alan Seiffert, President of Seiffert Media Advisors. “Teens and parents demand authentic, smart, and fun stories, and they want to access them across all media platforms. Ruby Skye P.I. delivers on all counts, and we are excited about bringing this ground-breaking series to U.S. television and digital screens next year.”

Ruby Skye P.I. is produced by Story 2.OH and was created by interactive storyteller, Jill Golick. Janice Dawe, Swing Media, joins the series in Season 3 as an Executive Producer. The series is produced with the participation of The Independent Production Fund (IPF) and made possible with the support of The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).Ruby Skye P.I. is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Banff “Rockie;” a Parent’s Choice Silver Honour; Youth Media Alliance Award of Excellence; Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award; the New York Television Festival’s Best Family Pilot and the 2013 LAWebFest’s Grand Jury Prize.

Bonusode #34 – Audio in Web Series

We would like to formally introduce you Mr. Soch (Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Sound Designer) who is Limited Release’s very own wizard. He keeps us sounding amazing, which is great since Candice and myself are technologically challenged in the audio department.

Continuing our Masters of the Web series of bonusodes, we wanted to get a pro’s perspective on what it takes to capture clean location sound and the steps to perfecting it in post-production. And we could think of no better choice than Soch; he’s worked on many different kinds of productions in the last several years, including feature films (Four Aces), web series (Mind’s Eye the Series) and a plethora of short films produced by Synndicus (formerly Synn Studios Inc.). Not to mention he’s helped us produce Limited Release since day 1.

Often times on set the audio department gets overlooked or ignored and there are a lot of web series that get released with not-so-great audio. Most of the time “audio” plays little brother to “visual”, even though many filmmakers stress its important role in drawing the audience into the story.

We speak with the expert on what it takes for a web series to get great audio, what to look for when hiring an audio technician for your production and a few tips to help save your audio in post-production.