Month: September 2013

Bonusode #41: Robert Mills of Ruffus’ Steampunk Adventure from FanExpo 2013

Have you met the Godfather of Canadian webseries, Robert Mills? Honestly, this man has been inside and outside and above and below the Canadian television, film and webseries community for as long as the sun’s been rising and setting. And he doesn’t look a day over 29!

But seriously, Robert has been doing this for a long time and he knows his shit. I guarantee you that in only 10 minutes with Robert you will learn something and walk away eager to build a new project.

The best blurry photo Candice could take!

We talk about the many projects that are happening with Rob’s own show Ruffus The Dog and in the community at large, including the IWCC, of which Rob is acting president, the TO Webfest to be happening in the spring of 2014, and the Toronto WebSeries Community (Facebook Group) and the social media week Web Series Wednesday happening September 25th.

We really enjoyed the first Ruffus adventure, we reviewed way back in Episode the 25th, Ruffus the Dog’s Christmas Carol, and have been anticipating his SteamPunk Adventure for awhile now. So don’t let me down listeners! Go support their IndieGoGo campaign, do it now!

Bonusode #40: Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates at FanExpo 2013

I braved the crowds and hit the exhibition floor at this years FanExpo in Toronto to bring you all the best from the Canadian webseries world. I remember being at FanExpo three years ago with our own series Mind’s Eye and being the only independently produced online program in the building.

Swarthy Pirate

How the atmosphere for independent online series has changed! I was surprised by how many

creators there were to talk to and sheepishly admit I’d never seen their show… Like Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates.

But, if you’ve been following along, you will know I immediately remedied the situation by covering Pete Winning in our last episode.

Have a listen to Mike tell us about their Season 2 IndieGoGo campaign and the perks you can win, like a date with this swarthy pirate.

Bonusode #39: Standard Action’s Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez at GenCon 2013

Our Saturday night at GenCon Indy continues with a Canadian connection. We parked in a hotel lobby, opened the Scotch and hit record with Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez of Standard Action (and the new show The Lonely Dragon, but we’ll get to that).

A Manticore
This is a real fake animal.


Joanna and Edwin get us up-to date on how filming for Season Three of Standard Action is coming along and let us in on some behind the scenes nerves from the cast for the musical episode and the many guest stars making appearances.

We also dish a little about the Zombie Orpheus crew and the sheer amount of content they have released this year, Gamers 3, Natural One and Humans & Households.