Bach with a Vengeance!

That is what the perfect title for this bonusode would be if we had the balls to deliver that kind of humour.

Returning to the internet-waves, we called in the big guns in the form of music composers Adrian Ellis (Out with Dad) and Rob Gokee (Night of the Zombie King, SOLO the series) to talk about scoring web series and what to do when a director asks for “something that sounds awesome like Hans Zimmer” for lo-no budget.

It was great having both of them on LR to talk about this because we’ve seen a TON of series that stand out with the right score. There are many aspects of production that “make-or-break” it, and score is not one to be overlooked. We talked about how to argue for original score over purchasing stock tracks, how to communicate story through music and why Minnesota sucks so bad…poor Minnesota.

What killer score have you heard in web series lately? We mentioned our favourites, now it’s your turn.