Gotta love people who can get things done! Especially when they seem like the busiest people on the internet. Another new series coming from Jeff Burns, the creator of Super Knocked-Up and the weekly Google Hangout Super Geeked-Up comes Super Mashed-Up.

What a great idea! We definitely love when actors cross-over from show to show… it builds that family feeling that I’m sure the people working in the industry of webseries love as well. So, of course we are going to enjoy it even more when not only the actors are moving from show to show, but their characters are too.

The full news release is below, but in case you don’t want to read it all – Jeff Burns filmed 8 crossover episodes involving 7 different web series just last month when they all came together at the LA WebFest. The first episode was launched today and runs weekly for the next two months. Looking forward to the Clutch crossover episode.

For Immediate Release

Super Mashed Up! Seven Web Series Team Up for Super Crossover Series.
April 16, 2013. Los Angeles, CA – Seven web series. Eight episodes. One crossover

The creators and stars of web series from around the globe have teamed up for a fun
mash-up of stories and characters from each of the series’ worlds. What would happen if
super-villain Darkstar from Super Knocked Up met geeky cook Alan from Pairings who
just happened to be a huge fan of hers? Or if the dysfunctional contract killers Matt and
Lex from Clutch met Abdabs the Grim Reaper from The Bloody Mary show?

Those are the questions the Super Mashed Up series has a lot of fun answering beginning
Tuesday, April 16. Jeff Burns, creator of action/comedy series Super Knocked Up,
conceived the idea when planning to go to LA Web Fest last month.

“I’m always trying to think of fun ways to not only promote Super Knocked Up but also
all the other amazing web series out there,” says Burns. “LA Web Fest was going to be
one of the few times we were all going to be together in one place, so I thought it was the
perfect time to team up and shoot videos incorporating characters from a bunch of
different series.”

So in the midst of going to screenings, panels, and networking events, the creators and
stars of seven web series ran around LA Web Fest shooting crossover videos.
“It was mad ninja fun!” says Darlene Sellers, co-creator of comedy series Chop Socky
Boom. “And it really made us feel like part of a web series family. Or dojo, as the case
may be.”

Darren Chadwick-Hussein, creator of The Bloody Mary Show pipes in, “The crossovers
were a phenomenal opportunity to unite likeminded people from both coasts, as well as
Canada and the UK. The Americans showed us a great time and we showed them what
universal healthcare looks like.”

Jonathan Robbins, creator of femme fatale action series Clutch, spearheaded the initiative
with Burns. Both creators contacted other web series to see who would be interested in
making crossover videos.

“I was thrilled to see everyone we contacted was totally down with the idea and really
excited about it,” says Burns. “But that doesn’t surprise me since the web series
community is by far the most supportive and collaborative community I’ve seen out of all
the different areas of filmmaking I’ve been a part of.”

Robbins adds, “Putting characters from popular web series together on screen is exactly
the kind of thing that separates what we’re doing on the web from what can be done on
television. It was great to see that web series creators and performers alike were not
afraid to just play.”

And playing is exactly what everyone did. While a couple of the crossover episodes were
scripted or storied out in advance, many were spur of the moment creations with the
creators and stars of the different series taking a few minutes to brainstorm ideas and then
shooting the episode.

As Vanessa Verduga, creator and star of Justice Woman, puts it: “I think it shows the
deep level of respect we have for each other’s creativity and work ethic.”

The seven series taking part in the crossover videos are: Super Knocked Up, Clutch,
Pairings, The Bloody Mary Show, Reality on Demand, Justice Woman, and Chop Socky

Jodie Younse, director and producer of Parings, notes how enjoyable the mash-ups were:
“Not only did we enjoy collaborating with other content creators but being able to create
these crossover videos is a perfect example of how these shows are ideal for the web. We
were able to have two worlds intermix in short vignettes that will hopefully inspire fans
of one show to watch the other’s.”

“Fans of our show will find it fun,” adds Marx Hernandez Pyle, creator of Reality On
Demand, “and enjoy being introduced to other series with different genres and tones, but
the same creative heart.”

Burns hopes to “increase the fan base and views for all our series and for web series in
general. That would be awesome because web series rock!”

Verduga totally agrees: “I guess what truly distinguishes them is the camaraderie between
the people making these videos. It’s like working with a friend – there was nothing weird
about it – it just felt comfortable and it was a ton of fun.”

The Super Mashed Up series starts Tuesday, April 16 with new episodes coming every
Tuesday after that.