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Episode the Fifty-Second: Sweet Fever & Pretty In Geek

Back in the saddle, and in control this time.  We manage to do some chit chat and yet still review two shows, a miracle!

We do a Toronto-centric episode today and review a couple of shows we’ve been chatting about for years.

Do you like pillows? Do you like pillow fighting? Do you like pretty girls pillow fighting in a ring?

Sadly, you won’t get any of that in this show… Spoiler!

But seriously, the first 5 episodes making up the first season of Sweet Fever, set the scene, introduce us to the characters and stir the pot so when the fight actually happens it’s more than just a fight.

The shows 5 episodes give you a mix of styles since each episode is a different experience for Sweet Fever on her way to her first fight in the Pillow Fighting Federation.

Nick and I while mostly agreeing on this show, still manage to find something to disagree about. Good thing, cause who wants to hear two people agreeing about everything.

Next up we review a webseries that we have had no less than four bonusodes about already. We finally get around to watching Pretty In Geek (though not all of it since there is still the finale to be released) and reviewing it.

Good news… after such a long waiting period it does deliver. Anticipation did not drive the expectations so high they could never match it. Wait, that makes it sound like we didn’t have high expectations.

Either way, we both agree that you should take the time to watch every episode of Pretty in Geek and see how dysfunctional a gaming group can get when they let their emotions carry them away.

Episode the Fiftieth, The One We Did Live

What a whirlwind our live 50th episode was!

I won’t share too much here, because I know you were all watching live when we recorded, right? And you can watch it right here

Well, in case you weren’t we chatted, we drank, we brought in some guests. It was a party. We did manage to talk a little bit about webseries. We talked about the legitimacy of web content thanks to more mainstream awards including digital media. We talked about upcoming shows we are excited about, including season 2 of Clutch and Standard Action. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Limited Release if we didn’t talk about Out With Dad.

We had an amazing time recording. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us live as we recorded this episode. I can’t tell you how touched we were that people showed up and chatted with us. In fact, we continued live on YouTube a few minutes after we finished officially recorded.

Two years, 50 episodes, 30 bonusodes. So much fun!

We hope you still consider downloading our episode, even though you can watch it. But even if you don’t, please join us next time!

Episode the Forty Eighth: The Flashy, Splashy Episode on Blood and Chrome and Forward Unto Dawn

Another episode without Nick… it’s a sad day. That is until you realize that Adam Shaftoe is joining us once again. You may remember him from his guest spot back in June.

For this episode we decided to do the all Machinima, all derivative episode. Machinima, one of YouTube’s well funded channels, is a bit of a nerd haven primarily covering gaming. I suspect their large fan base and solid productions including Mortal Kombat: Legacy were a major part in how Syfy chose them to work with for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, and why Microsoft chose them to work with for Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

But apparently, even corporate money doesn’t save people from the free and open internet quagmire.

First up we chat Forward Unto Dawn, with a bit of a review of the new game as well. It’s all Adam for this review because I fell into the quagmire by discovering this on my screen while trying to watch the official channel.

Never one to take no for an answer, I continued my search for either the episodes, or an explanation. And what an explanation I found. Now I don’t want to give this lawful neutral internet troll any more attention, so I’m only going to link to the blog I found from another content creator who ran across this guy, but if you want to find more information on either Leak ID or Herve Lemaire a simple Google search tells you more than you want.

** since our recording the copyright claim has been resolved and the episodes are now available once again, for free, on YouTube, as they intended them to be.

Next up, we cover the newest incarnation of Battlestar Galactica by watching Adama’s story, Blood and Chrome. This show is a prequel to the main television series in which we get to see a very young Bill Adama as a fresh recruit into the colonial army fighting the first war against the Cylons.

Do you need to have watched 5 seasons of BSG to fully appreciate this show? How about Caprica? Hard to say. A lot of time was spent on action, and less on explaining. We are thrown into a war we are expected to understand. But man we are given action every time we start to question what the hell is going on, so yay!

Much thanks once again to Adam Shaftoe for his time, his banter and his opinions. You can get more of that on his website Page of Reviews where he covers all things pretty nerdy and fun.

Next episode is the return of Nick! In that episode, we will catch up with him and what he was doing while away, and announce some plans for our 50th episode, and extravaganza!

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Episode the Forty Seventh: Dick Punch, Mythos and No Nick :-(

Welcome to our second episode ever without Nick as a co-host. But not to worry, we’ve got someone in his seat!

Introducing Matt Corradetti, fellow podcaster and listener, also sore loser of our T-Shirt contest. (Remember our t-shirt contest?)

First up, IAWTV awards nominees were announced. You can look through the complete list here, but be warned, there’s lots of clicking. Congrats to Out With Dad, Husbands, Guidestones, Video Game High School, Pretty the Series and the many other series we haven’t covered yet, on their nominations!

And on to the shows! As usual I let my co-hosts choose the shows to watch. And boys will be boys, so we are watching Dick Punch. When I let Nick know this was the show Matt chose for us to watch his reaction was unexpected to me, “I really want to watch that!”. Matt sheds some light on why guys are immediately attracted to a show called Dick Punch.

And, in a stark turn, we then move on to the slow moving, deity laden, mystery Mythos. The tone and pacing of the series is quite intriguing, however the mystery doesn’t grab us, but for very different reasons. The final episode of this show will be airing next week, so with a complete season released maybe the show will deliver more answers.

There’s much to enjoy in this series, despite some flaws. Make sure to check in on December 13th once the entire series is available.

Thanks again to Matt Corradetti for standing in while Nick is away. You can subscribe to his podcast Living Insights on iTunes and hear some great tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks as well to Soch for his constant and amazing work making both Limited Release, and Living Insights sound like some of the best produced podcasts available for free online!

Episode the Forty-Sixth: “Nirvana, the band, the show” & “Harder Than It Looks”

Tonight’s episode brought to you by Wellington Brewery.

A Boy and his Welly

Let’s start a drive to make this a regular thing. A beer an episode for Nick and Soch would make for a happy recording.

And on to the show! Announcements right up front, Nick is leaving the city, the province, the country for an entire month and Limited Release will have co-hosts for the next two episodes. (And I’m realizing how very behind I am on putting up these posts!)

First up is a show recommended to Nick by a co-worker, Nirvana, the Band, the Show an older hit from 2009 about a couple of friends who have a progressive? performance art? based two man show.

This is yet another show that divides Nick and Candice. Both can agree on the production of the show, great sound, good style, dangerous music choices. However when it came to the content we really get both sides of the table.

Next we’ve got sort of the same show, but with women! Harder Than It Looks is a buddy comedy about two roomates who couldn’t find success if it was handed to them gift wrapped.

This show, while funny, and well-acted, completely wowed us both based on the work of their Director of Photography. Listen closely and we will tell you exactly which scenes to watch to see the magic happen

I declare this show Easier Than It Looks to watch. (joke by Candice, Nick needs not be harassed for a terrible example of comedy)

Episode the Forty-Fourth: Make My Series and News

We start this episode down a dark path with a hate-on for Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t ask what any of this has to do with online and indie content, but sometimes these things happen. In case you want to stray down the path, here are a bunch of links to better books.

But onto the webseries stuff! First up, this article about, the YouTube distributed H+, by Bryan Singer, has many people in the webseries world a bit perturbed. Is there a “new” model for monetizing online content?

Some news from the Canadian webseries world! We were teased by Robert Mills that some new Ruffus the Dogwill be happening soon… Steampunk Ruffus. Of course this style of animation takes a lot of care and attention, so we are not holding our breath.  Take your time Robert and make it awesome!

The most divisive webseries we’ve ever reviewed is back for Season 2.  Ruby  Skye P.I. officially launched the first episode of Season 2 yesterday! Here’ s the trailer for the entire season.

Also, in upcoming new shows… Pretty the Series creator, Steve Silverman, has a new show in production, The Inn. We got a sneak preview of the theme song written by Robb Padgett. Have a listen, but keep your stuffed animal nearby cause it’s creepy!

And the piece de resistance (whatever that means) is the online competition Make My Series. We were sent there by the creators of Game Knights, currently within the top 5 in voting. You have until November 1st to vote as they narrow down the list to 15 series that will have a chance to win $10,000 to continue making their series. There are a number of pilots that could become great series.

And if you want to hear the full Husbands panel from DragonCon right click to download.

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Episode the Forty-Third: Space Janitors & Experi-Mates

Chocolate isn’t food, or drink… it’s life, amirite?

Can you believe we haven’t officially reviewed Space Janitors yet? Neither could we. Nick actually checked through the old episodes, and while we’ve talked about it  a lot, even spoken with production supervisor Mike Fly, actor Brendan Halloran, and writer Andy Hull, we have not done an official review.

So, we put it to the test this week… did it pass? You’ll have to listen to find out, but considering it is heavily parodying some of the biggest sci-fi franchises around, it’s pretty hard for us not to like it.

Also, keep you eyes peeled for Ridiculously Handsome Rebel who makes an appearance at the 1:30 mark of the first episodes, and is gone a mere 10 seconds later. Let’s start an appeal to have him in the second season!


Episode, the Forty-Oneth: ‘In the Rough’ & ‘Pretty Darn Funny’

Which is more rewarding: watching golf or softcore pornography? While you’re thinking about your answer, let me type some more about this week’s episode.

In the Rough is about Will Ryan’s quest to reinvent himself as a professional golfer after he walks in on his lovely girlfriend and best friend giving new meaning to the term “hole-in-one”. Now whether the story actually follows that or focuses more on showing golf being played is anybody’s opinion, and it sure is mine. Even from the opening title that plays before each episode you can get a sense of the slow-paced storytelling that this series has. And that’s not a bad thing, in fact it could be a good change of pace from the series out there that try to move too quickly and gloss over developing the story as a result. That being said, it does have a lot of golf in it. So make sure that’s your thing before clicking play.

Aside from my opinions on the game that it is based on, it does have some solid production value (albeit a subtle characteristic of the show). While it isn’t pulling off any crazy shots or visual effects of any kind, things like shot composition and camera-work are managed well. Those with the right eye can tell by watching that the crew is experienced and have handled the show well. Kind of like a painting that painters will recognize as expert from the brushstrokes while less-knowledgeable folk will overlook it.

The full first season of 10 episodes of In the Rough is out right now from Lifeforce Entertainment.

Speaking of people reinventing themselves into something else they’ve dreamed of, Pretty Darn Funny is about a bunch of moms (kind of) who come together to form an improv troupe and set out to reclaim comedy from the crass and crude. With a short season of only 6 episodes, they at least have some extra content to look at as well. Once you’re done watching through to the end, check out the group’s music video Jane Austen is My Homegirl. You just clicked on it without watching the episodes first, didn’t you? Well, that’s okay. It won’t spoil any of the show for you and is kind of catchy.

Oh, and if you have a keen eye while watching the episodes you might notice ads sneakily placed about for another webseries, The Book of Jer3miah. Check out the trailer for it and keep an eye here ’cause who knows, we might be reviewing it next episode.

As for the question that I posed to you above, golf or softcore? Swinging clubs or the obstructed view of swinging dicks? Holes in one or implied one in holes? Let’s hear some answers in the comments below.