Bonusode #41: Robert Mills of Ruffus’ Steampunk Adventure from FanExpo 2013

Have you met the Godfather of Canadian webseries, Robert Mills? Honestly, this man has been inside and outside and above and below the Canadian television, film and webseries community for as long as the sun’s been rising and setting. And he doesn’t look a day over 29!

But seriously, Robert has been doing this for a long time and he knows his shit. I guarantee you that in only 10 minutes with Robert you will learn something and walk away eager to build a new project.

The best blurry photo Candice could take!

We talk about the many projects that are happening with Rob’s own show Ruffus The Dog and in the community at large, including the IWCC, of which Rob is acting president, the TO Webfest to be happening in the spring of 2014, and the Toronto WebSeries Community (Facebook Group) and the social media week Web Series Wednesday happening September 25th.

We really enjoyed the first Ruffus adventure, we reviewed way back in Episode the 25th, Ruffus the Dog’s Christmas Carol, and have been anticipating his SteamPunk Adventure for awhile now. So don’t let me down listeners! Go support their IndieGoGo campaign, do it now!

Bonusode #40: Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates at FanExpo 2013

I braved the crowds and hit the exhibition floor at this years FanExpo in Toronto to bring you all the best from the Canadian webseries world. I remember being at FanExpo three years ago with our own series Mind’s Eye and being the only independently produced online program in the building.

Swarthy Pirate

How the atmosphere for independent online series has changed! I was surprised by how many

creators there were to talk to and sheepishly admit I’d never seen their show… Like Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates.

But, if you’ve been following along, you will know I immediately remedied the situation by covering Pete Winning in our last episode.

Have a listen to Mike tell us about their Season 2 IndieGoGo campaign and the perks you can win, like a date with this swarthy pirate.

Bonusode #39: Standard Action’s Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez at GenCon 2013

Our Saturday night at GenCon Indy continues with a Canadian connection. We parked in a hotel lobby, opened the Scotch and hit record with Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez of Standard Action (and the new show The Lonely Dragon, but we’ll get to that).

A Manticore
This is a real fake animal.


Joanna and Edwin get us up-to date on how filming for Season Three of Standard Action is coming along and let us in on some behind the scenes nerves from the cast for the musical episode and the many guest stars making appearances.

We also dish a little about the Zombie Orpheus crew and the sheer amount of content they have released this year, Gamers 3, Natural One and Humans & Households.

Bonusode #37 – Once Upon a Time in the 1970s

This year LR attended Gen Con 2013, the best four days in gaming! And we played our balls off.

On top of that, we got to see the many familiar faces of folk we’ve run into before like Anne and Chris Lukeman of Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions. Last time we spoke with them they were traveling around the country with their short film, Once Upon a Time in the 1970s, which they have now adapted into a web series. It screened at Gen Con this year (which Candice got to see, but Nick was sadly busy working at the con) and so naturally we grabbed them for a few words on how the reception has been. Also, we discuss how the process of taking a pitch project for a feature film and turning it into a web series has been for them.

Check out the trailer for the new series right below.

Shows you should be watching, as chosen by Anne and Chris Lukeman

  1. JourneyQuest
  2. Aidan 5
  3. Booth at the End (which apparently is now available in Canada, but only a few episodes as they are “released” by City TV)

The Gamers: Hands Of Fate Review

Cry Havoc!!!

Gamers 3 Cast and CrewThis is a complete departure from our usual reviews. It is a totally personal and yet completely impersonal review.

As listeners may remember in November of 2012, through episodes the Forty Seventh and Forty Eighth, Nick went away, to Seattle and I had to find co-hosts.

Nick was away to join the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE) crew on the set of their new feature film The Gamers: Hands of Fate as one of the Directors of Photography and the Visual Effects Supervisor. And then from May through July he’s been working here at home for hours and hours each day on the post production.

I have stayed completely spoiler free as he worked on this. Which was pretty easy as I had never seen either of the two first films in the series, The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, so even on the rare occasion that I saw some of the screencaps of scenes he was working on, they meant completely nothing to me.

So, on Thursday August 15th at 8pm in the Grand Ballroom V of the Westin Hotel at Gen Con Indy, I got to see a completely fresh movie for the first time.

Episode the Sixty Fourth: The Ladies and Gents Show & The Undrawn

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out, welcome back.Audio set up at The Joint Cafe

Oops, I think that’s the wrong song!

But welcome back to The Joint Cafe in downtown Guelph, where we record Episode the Sixty Fourth and refuse to sing a classic Beatles song. It goes without saying that if you want the best service, coffee and food in Guelph, you need to go to The Joint Cafe. But we say it anyway.

We cover a little news upfront since summer seems to be the busiest time of the year for webseries news, for both new and returning shows. But finally we get to the reviews.

Episode, the Sixty-Third: “Those Guys” series review

Everyone knows ‘that guy’. Now meet… “Those Guys!

An Out with Dad Season 3 trailer is on the horizon. We caught a glimpse of it because we’re special that way, but watch for it on the channel ’cause when it hits, you’re going to love it!

Mermaids are the new big thing in the horror genre apparently, evidenced by the trend of short horror films that we’ve noticed featuring the slippery creatures. This may have gotten started with Cabin in the Woods now that I think about it. Here’s a couple we’ve noticed, for your viewing pleasure: The Little Mermaid, directed by Nicholas Humphries(also directed the webseries Riese), is certainly not the Disney version you remember; and Mermaid Down, which is in pre-production and has a kinda chilling teaser up right now.

Episode the Sixty-Second: Reviewing the Mop & Lucky Files & Chop Socky Boom

Welcome to our experiment in locations. We recorded this episode live from our favourite place here in Guelph, The Joint Cafe. The Joint Cafe makes the best macaroni and cheese, french toast and molasses ginger cookies in the world (at least according to me, Candice)

They were very gracious and accommodating, letting us take up a table with a bunch of equipment and keeping us well lubricated and sated with coffee and cookies.

This may be a permanent solution, but it will almost certainly be where we record the next bunch of episodes since Synndicus Studios is making a move out of their current location, in the heart of downtown Guelph, to some unknown new and exciting location.

Let us know what you think! The sound is certainly different from our usual, but hey, we got coffee and cookies.

And on to the content!

We got some news from the folks at Standard Action about their webcomic, going live tomorrow! (Or is that today?) Be sure and check it out.

And then we watched a webseries about making a webseries… Chop Socky Boom is another one of those shows we’ve never seen but is part of the Super Mashed Up series of crossover web series.

It’s only four episodes so far, but a successful Kickstarter campaign and great reviews and awards from the webseries community means more are on the way.

In the meantime, watch the opening credits over and over and over.

And then, head on over to The Mop & Lucky Files and learn how you can become a Personal Espionage Specialist. This is a plucky girl detective show appealing to an older audience than Ruby Skye P.I. The first season follows one mystery from beginning to solving. But the mystery we all want to know the answer to is, “How does a person end up with the name Mop, and what are the chances she will find a best friend named Lucky?” Hopefully that will be tackled in the next season.

Thanks for listening to our experiment in recording studios. Let us know your thoughts about recording in the wild. I guess we will find out if you listen to our show for the content, or for the excellent sound quality.

And one final note… Our biggest fan Rob Routledge moved even further away from us this week, all the way to Nanaimo, BC. Good thing he won that shirt before he moved so we didn’t have to ship it to him. He assures us he will spread the good word of Limited Release out there on the island, so we expect to start seeing more tweets, Facebook comments, Google+ fans and emails from BC!

Bonusode #36: Crowdfunding Web Series with Joanna Gaskell

In May of this year the Zombie Orpheus team came to our part of the world to film a pair of companion pieces for the third season of their successful series Gamers, and they brought their friends and partners. Partners like Standard Action‘s Joanna Gaskell.

It was interesting timing for Joanna since she ended up being on set for the last couple of days of the Kickstarter campaign for season 3 of Standard Action. Maybe that helped her keep cool and relax and let nature take it’s course. Nature was already on her side anyhow since they had achieved their initial goal and were well into their stretch goals by then. And rejoice! The fans have demanded a musical episode.

We talk to her about the nature of crowdfunding, who should or shouldn’t be asking fans for money, and how to run a successful campaign. Spoiler alert, it ain’t easy!

Have you given a few dollars to a Kickstarter or Indie GoGo campaign for your favourite show? Let us know!

And if you want an outgoing voicemail message by Candice, send your $5 to her via Paypal

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