Bonusode #40: Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates at FanExpo 2013

I braved the crowds and hit the exhibition floor at this years FanExpo in Toronto to bring you all the best from the Canadian webseries world. I remember being at FanExpo three years ago with our own series Mind’s Eye and being the only independently produced online program in the building.

Swarthy Pirate

How the atmosphere for independent online series has changed! I was surprised by how many

creators there were to talk to and sheepishly admit I’d never seen their show… Like Mike Donis of Pete Winning and the Pirates.

But, if you’ve been following along, you will know I immediately remedied the situation by covering Pete Winning in our last episode.

Have a listen to Mike tell us about their Season 2 IndieGoGo campaign and the perks you can win, like a date with this swarthy pirate.