Bonusode #39: Standard Action’s Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez at GenCon 2013

Our Saturday night at GenCon Indy continues with a Canadian connection. We parked in a hotel lobby, opened the Scotch and hit record with Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez of Standard Action (and the new show The Lonely Dragon, but we’ll get to that).

A Manticore
This is a real fake animal.


Joanna and Edwin get us up-to date on how filming for Season Three of Standard Action is coming along and let us in on some behind the scenes nerves from the cast for the musical episode and the many guest stars making appearances.

We also dish a little about the Zombie Orpheus crew and the sheer amount of content they have released this year, Gamers 3, Natural One and Humans & Households.