Episode, the Sixty-Third: “Those Guys” series review

Everyone knows ‘that guy’. Now meet… “Those Guys!

An Out with Dad Season 3 trailer is on the horizon. We caught a glimpse of it because we’re special that way, but watch for it on the channel ’cause when it hits, you’re going to love it!

Mermaids are the new big thing in the horror genre apparently, evidenced by the trend of short horror films that we’ve noticed featuring the slippery creatures. This may have gotten started with Cabin in the Woods now that I think about it. Here’s a couple we’ve noticed, for your viewing pleasure: The Little Mermaid, directed by Nicholas Humphries(also directed the webseries Riese), is certainly not the Disney version you remember; and Mermaid Down, which is in pre-production and has a kinda chilling teaser up right now.