Episode the Fifty Ninth: Web Series Anticipation

One does not simply produce a 12 episode web seriesNobody ever said making web series was easy! Maybe we don’t give enough respect to these people who work for little to nothing, sometimes even giving thousands of dollars of their own money to make our entertainment, but we do appreciate it. We also appreciate that lots of times these creators are doing something for the first time because the technology makes it so damn easy nowadays. But of course, it’s rarely the technology that keeps series and films in production hell.

In this episode we chat about some of the shows that have had false starts, and changed paths over the long process from the idea to the release. First up, Causality the Series, a time travel show we’ve been waiting for since 2011.

We finally cover the long awaited Mila’s Fountain, unfortunately not delivering the news that Nick, or the other 999 followers of their Facebook page, want to hear. But we and the creators still hold hope.