A Podcast Mash-Up: Limited Release meets Page of Reviews

We are all about mash-ups this week I guess! Not only did the webseries mash-up series from the creators of Super Knocked-Up and Clutch, come out yesterday, we have our own mash-up series to debut. Well, series might be an exaggeration… but we have a podcast mash-up right here between Limited Release Podcast and Page of Reviews.

That’s right, Nick and Adam recorded a podcast at Ad Astra a couple weekends ago, live in front of a studio audience. Sure, Adam’s been our show before, but those were guest host opportunities… this is different somehow.

So, listen away to this Frankenstein of a podcast with a bit of this and bit of that. We present Limited Reviews: Episode 1

A little webseries, a little tv, a little sci-fi, a little audience participation!

*Notes, my (Candice) blog post on Deadwood’s use of anacrhonistic cursing.