Episode the Fifty-Second: Sweet Fever & Pretty In Geek

Back in the saddle, and in control this time.  We manage to do some chit chat and yet still review two shows, a miracle!

We do a Toronto-centric episode today and review a couple of shows we’ve been chatting about for years.

Do you like pillows? Do you like pillow fighting? Do you like pretty girls pillow fighting in a ring?

Sadly, you won’t get any of that in this show… Spoiler!

But seriously, the first 5 episodes making up the first season of Sweet Fever, set the scene, introduce us to the characters and stir the pot so when the fight actually happens it’s more than just a fight.

The shows 5 episodes give you a mix of styles since each episode is a different experience for Sweet Fever on her way to her first fight in the Pillow Fighting Federation.

Nick and I while mostly agreeing on this show, still manage to find something to disagree about. Good thing, cause who wants to hear two people agreeing about everything.

Next up we review a webseries that we have had no less than four bonusodes about already. We finally get around to watching Pretty In Geek (though not all of it since there is still the finale to be released) and reviewing it.

Good news… after such a long waiting period it does deliver. Anticipation did not drive the expectations so high they could never match it. Wait, that makes it sound like we didn’t have high expectations.

Either way, we both agree that you should take the time to watch every episode of Pretty in Geek and see how dysfunctional a gaming group can get when they let their emotions carry them away.