Episode the Fiftieth, The One We Did Live

What a whirlwind our live 50th episode was!

I won’t share too much here, because I know you were all watching live when we recorded, right? And you can watch it right here

Well, in case you weren’t we chatted, we drank, we brought in some guests. It was a party. We did manage to talk a little bit about webseries. We talked about the legitimacy of web content thanks to more mainstream awards including digital media. We talked about upcoming shows we are excited about, including season 2 of Clutch and Standard Action. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Limited Release if we didn’t talk about Out With Dad.

We had an amazing time recording. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us live as we recorded this episode. I can’t tell you how touched we were that people showed up and chatted with us. In fact, we continued live on YouTube a few minutes after we finished officially recorded.

Two years, 50 episodes, 30 bonusodes. So much fun!

We hope you still consider downloading our episode, even though you can watch it. But even if you don’t, please join us next time!