Join us live for our 50th episode

Live On Air

We are going to be live streaming our 50th episode recording tomorrow night at 11PM EST. We are inviting you into our dark and not very well lit recording studio. We might put a few more lights up so you can see us, we’ll see.

But seriously, we will be using Google+ Hangouts to share our special night with you guys. 50 is a big number! We’ve been doing this podcast for two years and think we’d like to let you in behind the curtain.

Last episode we told you all about our dirty little secret, we work on webseries while we are not critiquing others. And this episode we want you to be able to see our studio set up, provided by Soch and Synndicus, and see the funny looks we give each other, along with the dancing which happens every time we hear our theme song. Also, there will be drinking!

So join us, either by adding us to your circles on Google+ where you can watch our episode right in your stream. Or by watching the YouTube channel where it will also be streaming live. And if we get real fancy we can embed the link right here on our website so you can watch us here too (but don’t count on that one).

We want some feedback and news from you guys to share live, so tweet us, comment on our Facebook page, or Google+ page, email us at or comment right here!

See you tomorrow!