Episode the Forty-Fourth: Make My Series and News

We start this episode down a dark path with a hate-on for Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t ask what any of this has to do with online and indie content, but sometimes these things happen. In case you want to stray down the path, here are a bunch of links to better books.

But onto the webseries stuff! First up, this article about, the YouTube distributed H+, by Bryan Singer, has many people in the webseries world a bit perturbed. Is there a “new” model for monetizing online content?

Some news from the Canadian webseries world! We were teased by Robert Mills that some new Ruffus the Dogwill be happening soon… Steampunk Ruffus. Of course this style of animation takes a lot of care and attention, so we are not holding our breath.  Take your time Robert and make it awesome!

The most divisive webseries we’ve ever reviewed is back for Season 2.  Ruby  Skye P.I. officially launched the first episode of Season 2 yesterday! Here’ s the trailer for the entire season.

Also, in upcoming new shows… Pretty the Series creator, Steve Silverman, has a new show in production, The Inn. We got a sneak preview of the theme song written by Robb Padgett. Have a listen, but keep your stuffed animal nearby cause it’s creepy!

And the piece de resistance (whatever that means) is the online competition Make My Series. We were sent there by the creators of Game Knights, currently within the top 5 in voting. You have until November 1st to vote as they narrow down the list to 15 series that will have a chance to win $10,000 to continue making their series. There are a number of pilots that could become great series.

And if you want to hear the full Husbands panel from DragonCon right click to download.

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