Bonusode #22 – ‘Prison Dancer’ producer Ann Serrano

This ain’t your usual prison-set, Filipino musical webseries. Prison Dancer is something for those of us who are sick of watching Glee, not satisfied enough with karaoke or DDR, and wanting more out of a Broadway show experience.

You may remember a viral video showing some 1,500 inmates of a Philippines prison all rehearsing their dance routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This phenomenal display became the inspiration behind both a stage musical and webseries, all under the production title “Prison Dancer“.

Self-described as “Glee meets Miss Saigon“, the story follows the lives of 6 inmates within the walls of the notoriously violent prison who get swept up in a new dance rehabilitation program that unifies the once aggressive population. The dancing serves as an outlet for some, a form of expression for others, and even offers hope to those who otherwise wouldn’t survive incarceration.

With its use of transmedia, multi-platforms, and simply being one of very few musical webseries emerging, Nick just had to ask the Producer of Prison Dancer just how such an idea is born and produced with such production quality and talent.